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cosmetic labelsIt may be true that beauty is only skin deep, but most of us lack X-ray vision. As a result, people all over the world — men and women alike — have been using cosmetics for thousands of years to touch up the looks that Mother Nature has gifted them with.

Today's cosmetics tend to come in bottles, tubes, and jars, and due to careful legislation, are purer and more effective than ever. With more and more people crowding onto the planet, and it becoming more acceptable for men to moisturize, exfoliate, and use the occasional eye-liner pencil, there's never been a better time to be a manufacturer of cosmetics labels. Cosmetic bottle labels are especially sought after; and all false modesty aside, you've come to the right place to find some of the best in the industry. You see, one of our specialties is adhesive cosmetic bottle labels of just about any type you can think of... and believe us, makeup labels come in many, many types, all depending on the manufacturer's needs and the containers on which they're used.

Squeezable cosmetic bottle labels, semi-squeezable labels, custom printed cosmetic jar labels, and waterproof cosmetic bottle labels are just the beginning. Materials, shape, colors, design, logo, warning labels, regulatory labels: it all adds up to thousands of types. Tossing in organic cosmetic labels and "animal safe" labels for products never tested on animals—an increasingly popular type of custom printed cosmetic bottle label, for obvious reasons-just multiplies the number of cosmetics labels involved. Given the human penchant for experimentation and our desire to be unique, the potential number of cosmetic bottle labels may well be infinite.

Is that a challenge we hear? Never fear, at Etiquette Systems, we're up to the task! Once we know what you're looking for and your requirements, we'll whip up a proposal for the cosmetics labels of your dreams. We're well aware of the standard needs of custom cosmetic bottle labels: limited chemical resistance, waterproof inks and adhesives, tough paper and BOPP substrates, and, with modern plastic bottles, the need to be able to bounce back when repeatedly squeezed. Cosmetics bottle labels don't have to last terribly long—usually less than a year—but they do have to be somewhat durable, and we'll take that into account. Once we know what your cosmetics labels are for, we can put together a quote based on our lengthy experience in the business and our extensive selection of label materials. We're quick, produce exceptional work, and know that your cosmetic bottle labels need to be as good-looking as your cosmetics users in order to catch their eyes on crowded market shelves.

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