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Drum LabelsSpecial drum & barrel labels are most often used to identify and track large chemical containers, where spillage might endanger other durable labels due to chemical reaction, ink legibility, or caustic/acidic erosion. Self-adhesive drum and barrel labels also have to withstand a wide range of heat, cold, and weather conditions on top of the chemical issues.

Oil drums – typically 55-gallon metal barrels – require special drum and barrel labels, since oils (petroleum and otherwise) can deaden the adhesives of all but the most durable labels. Powder coatings on these containers can also challenge some self-adhesive drum labels. Without the right materials in their manufacture, chemical container labels could just fall off, leaving the contents of the drums and barrels to guesswork. Our self-adhesive drum & barrel labels use special solvent- and acrylic-based adhesives as well as inert inks and tough plastic substrates to get the job done. We wouldn't be doing our job if our custom durable labels didn't live up to their name.

In addition to both blank and custom printed drum & barrel labels, we also provide other chemical container labels for use with containers of all shapes, sizes, and diameters. These durable adhesive labels include custom chemical-proof labels, one of our specialties, although we can also provide blank chemical-proof labels for onsite printing. We're especially experienced at printing the permanent Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System labels affixed to all chemical containers, as mandated by law.

These particular durable labels are meant to inform handlers of what's in a container, how to handle it, precautions to take, and first aid procedures to use if someone is exposed to the chemical inside. WHMIS labels are crucial to industry, since by law they must be applied to the containers before they're handled by any other workers. In Canada, chemical drum labels must be bilingual in both English and French; English/Spanish WHMIS labels are becoming the norm in the U.S. While it's not mandatory, many countries that use WHMIS labels (including the U.S. and Canada) have recently brought them in alignment with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). We can also provide custom GHS labels fitting these universal requirements.

Both types of custom chemical drum labels include warnings not to remove the labels until the container has been completely emptied. GHS labels also have to be waterproof, based on maritime requirements. These waterproof labels have to remain intact, attached, and legible even after submersion in seawater for months.

Here at Etiquette Systems, we fully understand the requirements and regulations for custom drum & barrel labels, and stay up-to-date with their changes. Both our custom printed chemical container labels and their blank equivalents come in roll, page, and individually cut formats. If you need more than just self-adhesive chemical proof labels, check our main durable labels page for links to everything from tamper evident labels to waterproof labels and custom vinyl labels for other uses.

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