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frozen frut labelsDid you know that citrus fruits can be safely and deliciously frozen for 3-6 months? Meanwhile, most other fruits will keep for up to a full year! And frozen fruit is just as healthy as fresh fruit, as long as you freeze it right—and use the appropriate frozen fruit labels to label it. Among other things, good frozen fruit labels include a best-by date, the type of fruit frozen, whether are or the fruits were individually frozen (the best kind), net weight, producer information, nutrition facts, and the ingredients, if anything besides the fruit. As it happens, most frozen fruits keep best when packed in syrup or lots of sugar.

Printed frozen fruit labels come in two basic types. Commercial producers tend to use custom printed frozen fruit labels, while some smaller producers and individuals who preserve fruit for themselves, friends, and family prefer print your own freezer labels. The latter are best for small batches, and you can use the leftover freezer labels for other frozen goods.

All freezer labels have to meet certain criteria depending on use, whether they're used for frozen fruits or popsicles. Probably the most important is that the adhesive remains sticky no matter how cold it gets. All our freezer labels (in fact all the sheet labels we sell at Etiquette Systems) are rated to -60° F. Most freezer labels also have to be able to handle frost and condensation, which frozen fruit labels are definitely going to have to deal with as freezer doors are open and shut repeatedly. Use freezer labels that fall off in cold temperatures, and no one's going to know what's inside your packages, especially if they aren't transparent. For truly moist conditions, consider frozen fruit labels made of vinyl rather than paper, because they're less likely to become illegible or mushy than paper freezer labels.

We can provide either custom printed frozen fruit labels or the DIY type, depending on your needs. Let us know, and we'll shoot you a quote in a hurry. We'll have the labels to you within a couple of days. We're ready when you are!

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