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smoothie labelsTwo words: Almost summer.

The weather's changing, folks; And what does that mean to you? Warmer temperatures than ever as spring advances, leading to the boiling hot summer temperatures that may exceed 110° by 2025. If you're a maker of frozen treats, start gearing up the factories for more sales than ever—and put in your orders for frozen yogurt and smoothie labels that jump out and grab your consumers by their parched throats. Go ahead, call us. We have our freezer sheet labels and press ready to print your order, practically on a moment's notice. Surely everybody knows by now that Etiquette Systems is the best place to buy freezer labels.

And knowing where to buy freezer labels is important when you make frozen treats. Frozen yogurt and smoothie labels aren't nearly created equal. It would be great if you could just pick up a pack of freezer label sheets at the grocery store and print them using existing frozen label templates, but life's not that easy. Sure, you can buy so-called freezer labels at an office supply store, but would they do the job? Probably not, because they're probably not meant to resist both intense cold and moisture, like our freezer stickers are. We make self adhesive freezer labels to be proud of—and we are.

When you think about it, frozen yogurt and smoothie labels kind of have to be all things to all products. These are freezer food labels that have to hold up to all kinds of conditions. When it comes to smoothies, you might not think it's a big deal, because those freezer labels just have to sit on the outside of cold cups. But remember: cold things exposed to moist air results in all kinds of condensation, which can turn a poor-quality freezer sticker into mush real quick. How are you going to tell whether the writing on the label says "Floyd" or "Florence" when both of you are standing in line for a tall mocha frap, and the second-rate freezer label has turned to goo on the cup!?

You can count on us not to leave you and your customers stranded. If you want the best in frozen yogurt and smoothie labels for a great price, come to Etiquette Systems. With our quality freezer labels and responsive customer service, we'll leave you wondering why you ever bothered to buy freezer labels from anyone else. 

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