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Pharmaceutical labels are used to label medicines, ranging from over-the-counter brands to prescribed drugs, with marketing, informational, and instructional material, including government mandates and warnings. Over-the-counter medicines tend to have the most attractive custom pharmaceutical labels, since they have to attract attention on store shelves. A laxative or vitamin, for example, might need a bright and shiny custom printed pharmaceutical bottle label to catch the eye of a customer hurriedly scanning a pharmacy shelf.

Typically, OTC drugs need pharmaceutical labels made of nothing tougher than paper with everyday adhesives, since the intent is mostly informational and marketing. Rarely are these pharmaceutical labels exposed to anything more than casual handling, over a relatively short period of a few months. There are exceptions, of course; a medicated shampoo brand might need specialized waterproof custom pharmaceutical labels made of synthetic materials, since the labels would necessarily be exposed to water and product spill. Or, to get more attention, the manufacturer might opt for a clear pharmaceutical bottle label, maybe with a little metallic flash, to make the product stand out more.

Prescription drugs can also usually make do with everyday materials for their pharmaceutical labels, again with the shampoo or similar exceptions, since the product is usually made to be used up in a few months. However, their image marketing is directed mostly to doctors and pharmacies, so their custom printed pharmaceutical labels tend to be plainer, providing little more than ingredient information, warnings, mandated text, and directions for use.

Whether for OTC or prescription use, we can do custom pharmaceutical label print runs from a few hundreds to tens of thousands—however many you need, in whatever materials are appropriate or most economical for you. In addition to standard pharmaceutical bottle labels and similar container labels, we can provide adhesive warning labels of the type pharmacies use in combination with prescription labels to make you aware of potential reactions, interactions, and dangers when taking a particular drug—like drowsiness when using the medicine, or nausea if you don't take the medicine with food.

Whatever your needs, we can hook you up with dependable custom printed pharmaceutical labels that won't let you down. Contact us for a quote today.

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