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Fluorescent LabelsNeed vibrant labels that reach out and grab people's attention? Then you need our fluorescent labels, which come in a variety of eye-catching (and occasionally eye-watering) colors. Nothing grabs someone's attention like a "loud" fluorescent label, especially one in a Day-Glo color that practically screams for attention. Custom fluorescent labels are great for both warning labels and marketing; some fluorescent labels are bright enough to see from Low Earth Orbit, so neither your customers nor those you may be trying to warn off are going to miss them.

Speaking of which, industrial uses for fluorescent labels abound. They're especially handy as warning labels: for example, nothing says "Hands Off!" like a brilliant red or orange custom printed fluorescent label. They're also good for limiting errors: color-code your tools and stock with adhesive blank fluorescent labels, and hurried employees are less likely to make mistakes. You can also use fluorescent color labels for at-a-glance inventory marking, date markers, and proof-of-counting stickers.

Blank fluorescent labels in laser and inkjet versions are ideal for sending out invitations to a large company event or convention. In addition, fluorescent labels are perfect for attracting attention to sales items, as well as for additions to direct marketing packages. One of the truisms of direct mail is that you must grab a prospect's attention before they'll consider buying from you, and using custom fluorescent color labels on your mailings is a great way to do that. Nobody's going to throw out that envelope with the neon-green fluorescent label without checking to see what's inside first!

We're experts on fluorescent labels at Etiquette Systems. Depending on the environment you plan to use them in, we can print fluorescent labels on a variety of stocks, including plastic and metalized materials. We can even sell you the blank fluorescent labels and printer supplies you need, if you'd prefer to create your own adhesive DIY fluorescent labels.

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